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Can an electric guitar be a bass guitar?

No. Because of the thickness of the strings, an ordinary 6-String electric guitar could not produce a sound that low compared to a regular bass guitar. For example the size of (MORE)

Which electric guitar?

Hi, If you want a really good Electric Guitar but a fairly cheap one, try searching for Vintage Guitars. Vintage is a company that does copies of guitars, but the only actua (MORE)

Difference between a acoustic electric guitar and an electric guitar?

An acoustic guitar works without the need of pick-ups, instead they use the resonance of the wood and the hollow body of the guitar to naturally amplify the vibrations coming (MORE)

Is an electric guitar a bass guitar?

  That's kind of backwards. A bass guitar is an electric guitar, but it can also be acoustic. Most bass guitars are electric. They usually have four strings, and are lower (MORE)

Is acoustic guitar different from electric guitar?

  Normally a guitar is considered 'acoustic' if it requires no amplification ie you don't have to plug it in to anything to be heard. This means its body is hollow which a (MORE)

How does a electric guitar use electric and magnetism?

through the guitars pickups. They use various types of Alnico or  ceramic to get a certain sound. Alnico is a mixture of three  metals. Aluminum , Nickel and Cobalt. It goes (MORE)