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What can you use to clean an electric guitar?

  For the body you should buy a glo-cloth that you can buy at any music store. They also make guitar polish that when used with the cloth, is excellent. They make separate (MORE)

How is an electric guitar different from an ordinary guitar?

An acoustic, or ordinary guitar, is hollow and it generally makes a more calming sound. You would here it in something like I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. An electric has a sharper (MORE)

Do you need a pedal for an electric guitar?

  Answer   no   A pedal is an optional extra   No you don't. A pedal (or foot pedal) is something you can use if you want to alter the sound coming from you (MORE)

What about a Kansas brand in electric guitars?

Kansas guitars has been around since 1927. They made some very nice guitars. Some expensive and some inexpensive. But the real question is whom makes the guitar for Kansas? An (MORE)

Is rockburn a good electric guitar?

never heard of it, but a quick google search and you'll see for sure from reviews. BC Rich is my favorite, sure they look death metal for most but they are very unique and eve (MORE)

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How do you paint a electric guitar?

1) Remove all pickups, pick-guards, knobs, machine heads etc. and detatch the neck from the body (where possible) To remove the pickups you will need to solder the wires off (MORE)