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What is an orchestra?

An orchestra is a group of musicians playing together. This group  usually consists of strings, percussion, woodwind and brass  instruments, but there can be other instrumen (MORE)

Does static electricity give light to your house?

No, static electricity does not light your home. Electric power plants send electricity to your house via the power grid, all of which works on an alternating current or AC. A (MORE)

How many albums has the Electric Light Orchestra sold worldwide?

  Difficult one this, because they have never been properly audited, For instance the RIAA claims 12 million units in the USA alone but this is many years out of date, for (MORE)

What causes electric lights to dim and flicker?

I had a friend who's lights were flickering. He had several people look into it. Electrician, Utility etc. No luck. We spent some time turning off breakers and we came to the (MORE)

Why does an electric light bulb have a vacuum?

Oxygen in the bulb would cause the hot metal elements to oxidized and burn out. Mr. Edison had a large problem with this until he removed the air from his bulb. Most incandesc (MORE)

How did electric light orchestra get its name?

Part of it is a reference to the small groups of string instruments that were popular in the UK at the time, called "light orchestras" because they were smaller than regular o (MORE)

Can you light a light bulb with static electricity?

Incandescent light bulbs need high current at low voltage. "Static" electricity is low or zero current at extremely high voltage. So no, you can't use it to light up an inca (MORE)

Was there electric light on ships in 1910?

Yes. I can tell this to you as a fact because of two reasons: The first being that the Titanic, built from 1907-1912, had a very complex set of lights. Before that, the Lusi (MORE)

Which is hotter an electric fire or a light bulb?

An electric fire has a wattage of between 1 and 3 kw depending on  the model - a light bulb can be anywhere between 40 and 120w.    So an electric fire is a lot hotter (MORE)