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Why does Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame always wear those dark glasses on stage?

He started wearing them on a regular basis in after 1978. He was/is extremely shy and it gave him a little feeling of privacy while onstage and in public.     Jeff Ly (MORE)
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What is an orchestra?

An orchestra is a group of musicians playing together. This group  usually consists of strings, percussion, woodwind and brass  instruments, but there can be other instrumen (MORE)

How many albums has the Electric Light Orchestra sold worldwide?

  Difficult one this, because they have never been properly audited, For instance the RIAA claims 12 million units in the USA alone but this is many years out of date, for (MORE)

How did electric light orchestra get its name?

Part of it is a reference to the small groups of string instruments that were popular in the UK at the time, called "light orchestras" because they were smaller than regular o (MORE)

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Has the Electric Light Orchestra split up?

Jeff Lynne disbanded the group in 1986. He and founding member (and drummer) Bev Bevan shared equal rights to the name. In 1990, Dev wanted to record and tour under the ELO na (MORE)