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How does electricity get to you?

Electricity is sent from where it is generated (hydroelectric dam, Nuclear power plant) on high voltage lines on tall towers to local transformer substations. These substation (MORE)

What does electricity do to you?

  Electricity has two important effects on the human body. First, it causes heating, which sounds mild enough but enough electricity can instantly vaporize the water in t (MORE)

Why is Electricity called Electricity?

It comes from the Greek word "electron." However, to the Greeks that word didn't mean what it does to us; it meant the material we call amber.     It's called that beca (MORE)
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How do you get electrizer?

  you go behind the valley windworks (near floaroma town) use surf near that bridge go right up across there is a little island with a pokeball pick it up and theres an el (MORE)
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What if there were no electricity?

If electrical signals ceased to exist, we would all die instantly. Our central nervous systems would stop functioning, stopping our hearts and lungs as well as erasing our min (MORE)
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Do you have electricity?

the only electricity you can have is static electricity and electrons cling to you when you walk on rugs and so on. and when you reach for a doornob the electrons shoot to you (MORE)
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Where do we get electricity?

Electricity is generated in Power stations. These Power stations use generators to generate electricity.  The Generators are coupled to the prime movers which is rotated by t (MORE)

What is electricity?

Electricity is a general term encompassing a variety ofphenomena resulting from the presence and flow of electric charge.These include many easily recognizable phenomena, suc (MORE)
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What does electrical do?

Electricity provides power, lighting for us.When it comes down to it electrical resistance, rotating magnetic fields, and electrical codes or signals are what electricity does (MORE)