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How electron microscopes are different from light microscopes?

Electron microscope gives a greater magnification. Instead of lenses, the electron microscope uses magnets to aim a beam of electrons at thin slices of cells. A light micros (MORE)

Which microscope has a better resolution a light microscope or a electron microscope?

An electron microscope is capable of much higher resolution and greater magnification than a light microscope. Short Answer: Electron microscopes have much better resolution (MORE)

How is the electron microscope different from a compound microscope?

Short Answer: It is fair to say that a light microscope and an electron microscope use the same principles, but the technical details are enormously different. The similar (MORE)

How the light microscope and the electron microscope work?

  Light Microscope: the specimen is mounted on a plate. A bulb emits light from under the plate, light that goes through the preparation and into the lense, in which an im (MORE)

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