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Why electron microscope is called so?

Electron microscopes fire a beam of electrons at a target, then measure exactly how they are reflected. (electrons exist as particles & waves) A computer then generates an ima (MORE)

How electron microscopes are different from light microscopes?

Electron microscope gives a greater magnification. Instead of lenses, the electron microscope uses magnets to aim a beam of electrons at thin slices of cells. A light micros (MORE)

Which microscope has a better resolution a light microscope or a electron microscope?

An electron microscope is capable of much higher resolution and greater magnification than a light microscope. Short Answer: Electron microscopes have much better resolution (MORE)

How is the electron microscope different from a compound microscope?

Short Answer: It is fair to say that a light microscope and an electron microscope use the same principles, but the technical details are enormously different. The similar (MORE)

Who discovered electron microscopes?

anyone walking into a room with one in it can discover one. electron microscopes were invented by Ernst Ruska & Max Knoll.
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How the light microscope and the electron microscope work?

  Light Microscope: the specimen is mounted on a plate. A bulb emits light from under the plate, light that goes through the preparation and into the lense, in which an im (MORE)
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