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What is electroplating?

Is to coat or cover electrolytically with a layer of metal.   The process of producing a coating, usually metallic, on a surface by the action of electric current. The depo (MORE)


In electroplating, a dish is filled with a mixture of water andsalt of the metal that is to be used as the coating. The object tobe plated, along with a metal bar that is not (MORE)
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What is gold electroplating?

very strong heated gold plating over a base metal   Depositiong of Gold metal over another metal/non metal by using the DC Power source is a Electroplating of Gold. (Please (MORE)

What are electroplating?

1) Acid solution containing salts of the metal to be electroplated 2) The piece to be electroplated is the anode and will have the negative charge. 3) The positive side wi (MORE)

What is application of electroplating?

It allows a small amount of metal to be used on the top, so you can use a more economical, uglier material underneath. Example: For Jewelry, they might want to keep their it (MORE)
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What are the benefits of electroplating?

The benefits of electroplating are positive changes in the corrosion of a material, changes in mechanical strength of a material and better look for a surface. Electroplating (MORE)

How do you electroplate with electrolysis?

In order to electroplate with electrolysis, there are a series of steps that must be taken. The first thing that you do is place the item into an electrolytic bath. The object (MORE)