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What is gold electroplate?

It is when they put the item you want to electroplate in a bath of water with small gold particles and send electricity to the thing you want to electroplate and after a while (MORE)
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What is gold electroplating?

very strong heated gold plating over a base metal   Depositiong of Gold metal over another metal/non metal by using the DC Power source is a Electroplating of Gold. (Please (MORE)

What are the advantages of electroplating?

Oh!well............there are many advantages of electroplating but some are as follows: 1)It saves the metal from corrosion and rusting. 2)It makes the metal durable and l (MORE)
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Will gold electroplate wear off?

Gold electoplate will not likely "tarnish" but it can wear off your jewelry especially if you wear it alot or expose it to harsh chemicals. That's one reason its great to purc (MORE)

Why articles are electroplated?

articles are electroplated because the main substance is too costly and poor peoples can not afford it so electroplating is done so that the normal metal also appear as the ar (MORE)
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What are the benefits of electroplating?

The benefits of electroplating are positive changes in the corrosion of a material, changes in mechanical strength of a material and better look for a surface. Electroplating (MORE)