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Is electrostatic force a fundamental force?

Electrostatic force is a term specifically applied to a situation  arising from one of the fundamental forces more properly referred  to as the electromagnetic force. You mi (MORE)
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What is the net force of 100n force and 80n force?

You will have to learn a new terminology here: net force. Net force is the sum of all forces acting on an object. For example, in a tag of war, when one team is pulling the ta (MORE)

What is forced attrition?

Attrition is sorrow for one's sins that arrises from reasons other than love of God. If it is forced, someone is making you feel sorrow for your sins, but not for the actual a (MORE)
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What is an adjective for force?

The adjective form for the verb to force is the past participle, forced. The adjective forms for the noun force are forcible, forceful, and forceless.
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What is force?

Force is the amount of pressure placed on an object. It can be looked at as a "push" or "pull" to see it another way. Force might actually be anything that will cause somethin (MORE)
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What is the difference of force and net force?

Net Force is the overal force acting on an object. For example, if there is a 10N force acting upwards, and a 5N force acting downwards, then the net force is 5N upwards. A Fo (MORE)
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What is a resistance force?

When you apply a force there is always an equal and opposite force applied to resist change as newtons first and third law state. The force the object applies to resist change (MORE)
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What can a force do?

a force is something that you apply to an object    - it can move    -change shape    -change direction    -slow it down    -make it faster
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What is forced ranking?

Forced ranking is a workplace motivational strategy that uses  inÊdepth and intense yearly evaluations and then compares them  against each employee in order to decide adva (MORE)

Is electrostatic force an attractive force?

If it's the force between two charges with opposite signs, then  yes.   If it's the force between two charges with the same sign, then no.
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