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What element is the only radioactive element?

Answer There are actually quite a few radioactive elements. As a rule, everything with an atomic mass greater than lead is radioactive. Isotopes of lighter elements can also b (MORE)

Which elements are transition elements?

It may include lawrencium, actinium, lutetium, or lanthanum. The whole group is copernicium (No. 112), rutherfordium, roentgenium, molybdenum, niobium, palladium, vanadium, (MORE)
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Which element is not a transition element?

Any element that is calssifeid in a representative element group isn't a transition element (transition metal). This means Groups 0-7
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What makes an element an element?

There are over 100 elements known to man and what makes an element that specific element is the number of protons in the atoms nucleus. Helium has 2 protons in its nucleus. Hy (MORE)

Which element is a trace element?

  Trace elements are any elements which are found in "trace" (very small) quantities in something. For example the major elements found in humans are Carbon, Oxygen and Hy (MORE)

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What element combines with neon the element?

Neon does not naturally combine with any other element, as it is inert, meaning it is completely non-reactive under natural conditions. It has, however been observed to form (MORE)

What is the element Am?

  Americium is a synthetic element that has the symbol Am and atomic number 95. A radioactive metallic element, americium is an actinide that was obtained in 1944 by Glenn (MORE)

What are these elements?

A chemical element is a pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom distinguished by its atomic number, which is the number of protons in its nucleus. Familiar exam (MORE)

What has no elements?

Everything is made of elements! Either in their raw form or chemically combined with other substances in compounds, or mixed with other substances in mixtures, they are everyw (MORE)