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What is the First Folio?

The First Folio describes the first, officially published texts of William Shakespeare's plays, which were produced in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare's death. The word (MORE)

What is folio line of a newspaper?

A folio line is a line of text included on each page of the newspaper. Included in the line is typically the name of the publication, the publication date and the page of the (MORE)

What is the size of folio paper?

Folio paper is 8.27 x 13 inches (= 210 x 330 mm). That is the modern size, defined in metric units. Books are sometimes described as being folio, referring to the size of (MORE)
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What is folio in fidelio?

Fidelio is a German opera that was penned and composed by none  other than Ludwig von Beethoven. Folio is Latin, and means "leaf."

What is folio pastry?

Paper thin pastry. Found with the frozen food in the store. Much easier to buy already made instead of trying to make your own.  It's usually found by the frozen pie shells. (MORE)

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