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Why do elephants be aggressive?

elephants become aggressive during matting season so that they can mate and no body else also to protect their young and when they feel threated
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Who put together William Shakespeares first folio of work?

Some people may find the title of Shakespeare's First Folio to be misleading, as it might imply to them a loose unbound collection. But Shakespeare's First Folio was most defi (MORE)

How are elephants treated?

It depends on the individual. Old trainers were quite inhumane, using an angus or bullhook to break an elephants spirit. They were trained to lay down, move forward, come, pre (MORE)

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Can elephants jump?

No. While it is possible for elephants to "fall" with all four feet off the ground simultaneously, the construction of their legs (and massive body size) preclude a "jump".
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Can an elephant paint another elephant?

Elephants can paint believe it or not. Their art work is displayed  and then sold sometimes for thousands of dollars. However,  representational art is beyond them
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Is a elephant a mammal?

Yes, an elephant is a mammal. They are in the Elephantidae family  and are considered to be some of the largest mammals to exist.
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What is folio in fidelio?

Fidelio is a German opera that was penned and composed by none  other than Ludwig von Beethoven. Folio is Latin, and means "leaf."

What is folio pastry?

Paper thin pastry. Found with the frozen food in the store. Much easier to buy already made instead of trying to make your own.  It's usually found by the frozen pie shells. (MORE)