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What are elevators?

elevators are machines installed in tall buildings ,to take people to upper floors in few seconds. Answer . el·e·va·tor (?l ' ?-v?'t?r) n. . A platform or an enclos (MORE)
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How do elevators work?

When you step into an elevator and close the door, you had passed through two doors and are now standing in a box (or the elevator car) inside a vertical passageway (called th (MORE)
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What is the elevation of Arizona?

Arizona's highest elevation point is Humphrey's Peak and is 12,637 feet (3,852 meters) above sea level
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What does elevate mean?

To elevate means to raise to a higher level, or to promote to ahigher rank.
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What is in a elevator?

Cab, control panel, lights, floor, walls, certificate, handles,floor buttons, door buttons, alarm, phone, fan, brand name,lanterns, and ceiling.
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Why do you have elevators?

can someone climb 30 floors to an office every day ? of course not . we can have high buildings because we have elevators
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What is Pakistans elevation?

Elevation from sea level increases if you move from the southern part (e.g., Karachi which is only 2m high from the sea level) to the norther part (e.g., K2). K2 is the world (MORE)
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How do you do an elevator on MW2?

The last pacth made elevating on MW2 impossible to do. Although you were able to do it by "teabagging' and moving into a slight crack in the walls. (Was hard to do). But now y (MORE)
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What is an elevences meal?

It is a meal you would have to break the fast between breakfast and lunch. Most of the time served around ELEVEN o'clock thus the name ELEVENces