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What is an elf?

An elf is a humanlike entity that has slightly pale skin, slightly pointed ears, who occasionally faint, still have middle age weapons, and are much more shorter than humans. (MORE)

Do you capitalize earth in the middle of a sentence?

If you are referring to the planet, then yes, you should capitalize it, as you would capitalize Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and other planet names. If you are referring to the bro (MORE)

How do you get an elf?

To get an elf....Put saltine crackers and water under your Christmas tree and the next day u will surely get an elf :) Better answer... Elves are very cool! They will hide a (MORE)
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Why is Middle-earth so hot?

Much of the heat in the Earth's core is left over from the formation of the planet, when planetesimals collided releasing large amounts of energy. Much of that leftover energy (MORE)

Why did the elves come to Middle-earth?

As is described in the Silmarillion the elves originated in  Middle-Earth in its far eastern part, as also did Men much later.  But for their safety as Morgoth and his follo (MORE)