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Is Elijah Wood Jewish?

  No. He was raised Catholic.   See here in this interview.   Quote :   I'm not Jewis (MORE)

Is Elijah wood in a relationship?

Elijah wood is not in a relationship at the moment. However, it was said a long time ago he was in a relationship with a girl from another country, but they broke up.

What movies did Elijah Wood play in?

back to the future part 2 child in the night internal affairs Avalon the witness paradise day-O forever young radio flyer the adventures of huck Finn the g (MORE)

What music videos are Elijah wood in?

Here are the lists of his appearance in a music video: Paula Abdul: "Forever Your Girl" (1989)The Cranberries: "Ridiculous Thoughts" (1995)The Apples in Stereo: "Energy" (as (MORE)

Is Elijah Wood married?

He has been in a longterm relationship with Pamela Racine. There has not been, as far as I know, any official news on the couples engagement let alone marriage.
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