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How to eliminate?

example: 4y + 2x = 5 -4y + x = 3 take away the 4y and the - 4y because the cancel each other out 3x = 8 x = 8/3 4y + 2(8/3) = 5 4y + 5.3 =5 4y = 5 - 5.3 (MORE)

What is mist eliminator?

it is made of knitted wire mesh forms primary parts for the mistcollection systems. Zhengyang offers a full line of mist collectorsincluding continuous duty centrifugals. M (MORE)
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How do you eliminate frogs?

Frogs are essential to the environment. Leave them be, please! You kill frogs by getting some salt,get a wooden stick and go outside. You pour salt on the frog to see go crazy (MORE)

How was Vexen eliminated?

Under Marluxia's order, Axel came to Twilight Town's replica world and stabbed and defeated Vexen after Vexen disobeyed proper orders. Axel wasn't on Marluxia's side, but he n (MORE)

How was Axel eliminated?

Axel destroyed himself to save Sora while in Bixtwixt & Between . Axel recognized Sora as the somebody of Roxas, so he felt the need to help him. When Sora was trying to ge (MORE)