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How do you eliminate slugs?

You can't really kill ALL the slugs, especially if there are many of them; that would be like trying to kill all the caterpillars in your yard. One way to eliminate a slug, (MORE)
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How can you eliminate myopia?

  Answer   With laser surgery or it can be corrected with glasses or contacts.
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What is development by elimination?

Development by elimination is the process of providing socio-economic empowerment opportunities that address livelihood challenges associated with unemployment and poverty in (MORE)

How do you eliminate a hazard?

Depends on what kind of hazard it is. A hazard due to insufficient lighting is eliminated by installing more lamps. A hazard of burning is eliminated by putting a screen in fr (MORE)

How do you eliminate prejudice?

You can't. Prejudice is established by even listening to the persons voice. Whatever you hear, smell, or see from something else automatically makes you form an opinion about (MORE)

How do you eliminate debt?

Answer   First of all, each consumer must take a stringent and accurate analysis of his or her own credit ledger and find out precisely what they owe and to whom these de (MORE)
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Why can scarcity not be eliminated?

Scarcity cannot be eliminated because nothing is infinite except for space itself. There is no infinite supply of anything in our world so there will always be scarcity. So lo (MORE)

How do you eliminate mice?

keep house clean constantly and sweep daily and dont keep food out overnight or you can buy a humane mouse trap (NOT a cruel one) and put peanut butter or cheese in it (peanut (MORE)
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Example of elimination?

An example of elimination is; I was eliminated from the game show  for giving the wrong answer.