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Who was elisha gray?

Gray, Elisha 1835-1901, American inventor, b. Barnesville, Ohio. He patented many electrical devices, most of them having to do with the telegraph. His telautograph (1888) (MORE)

Who is Elisha Gray?

Elisha gray was an American electical engineer and developed a telephone prototype in 1876 in Highland Park

Who was Elisha?

Another answer from our community: Elisha was the disciple of Elijah chosen by God. When Elijahascended to heaven Elisha took on his place as the main Prophet toIsrael. 1 ki (MORE)

Who were Elijah and Elisha?

they were both prophets of the Lord. Elijah trained Elisha as hisapprentice and when Elijah went to heaven, elisha took over in hisplace
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What did Elisha do?

A: The Second book of Kings describes Elisha as the disciple and successor to Elijah. It was in the gift of Elijah to grant his supernatural powers to his companion and prote (MORE)

What did elisha otis do?

Elisha Graves Otis invented the "safety elevator," which has a cable ("rope") to arrest the fall of the car if the hoisting mechanism fails. There had long been elevators befo (MORE)
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Who did elisha Otis marry?

Elisha Otis married 2 people first he married to Susan A Houghton then she died and he got married to Betsy A Boyd.

Did Elisha go straight to heaven?

It says he was taken into heaven in a cloud. * It was Elijah that was taken to heaven on a chariot in a cloud. In 2 Kings 13:14 and 20, it records Elishas death an (MORE)

What is the story of Elisha?

A: The Second book of Kings describes Elisha as the disciple and successor to Elijah. The succession takes place when Elijah, alone among the prophets, was honoured by being (MORE)

Where was Elisha from?

Abel-meholah. We Do not know exactly where that was, but apparentlyit was near the Jordan river and south of Beth-shean.
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