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What is elitism?

Answer . Elitism refers to a belief that certain persons/groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority.
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What is the meaning of elite and opposite of Elite?

In society the elite are the top members of certain mediums and professions that, through power and wealth, have the ability to enact either continuation or change of parts of ( Full Answer )
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What is an elite goth?

An Elite Goth is almost identical to your "typical" goth. The differences are usually the following: -Over the age of 25 -Will REFUSE to shop anywhere goth clothing is so ( Full Answer )
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Are elites real?

We believe that 'elites' exist as a class or group of people who are important. More so than we are. They are a group of people exercising a major share of authority or influe ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the elite puffles?

You have to buy the ds game herberts revenge and it will come with it the elite puffle
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How do you get elite Puffles?

to get elite puffles-while you do missions(epf missions)you get them for doing different things I,v all ready got em all here,s what they do. blue-throws snow balls red-g ( Full Answer )
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Can you get out when your with the elite four?

unfortunatly once ou have entered the elite 4 there is no way to get out of it. Once you enter it then they only thing you can do is battle or save and turn off the game. That ( Full Answer )
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What does the elite puffle do?

the elite puffle is a black puffle and it has a welding mask/hat on. when you sit it welds fire and when you dance it jumps through a firey blue hoop.
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What does elite?

a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in termsof ability or qualities. "the elite of Britain's armed forces" synonyms:. best, pick, cream, crème de lacr ( Full Answer )