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What do you do after you defeat the elite four in platinum?

you now can go to the battle frontier the resort area the survival area. the resort area is a good place to train go to the battle frontier where you will battle flint and vol (MORE)

Cp how to get elite puffles?

When you buy the "Club Penguin elite force, Herbert's Revenge", there is a agent card behind all of the instruction manuals. Enter the code on cp. You will get 1500 coins, the (MORE)
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How do you get lorelei back into the elite four?

She will be in icefall cave on four island to get to her you need the HM waterfall which is found in the cave use it to go up the waterfall then go to the ladder lorelei will (MORE)

What is elite and pica?

  elite is a type of typewriter that can type twelve characters to an inch and one hundred two characters on one whole sheet of paper while the pica has big prints and can (MORE)

What is ELITES exam?

There is no acronym that completely matches ELITES and is an exam.  There, is, however, an IELTS exam, which is the International  English Language Testing System for study- (MORE)

What is the meaning of elite?

Define EliteA group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.
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What is an elite theory?

The view that a small group of people actually makes most of the important government decisions.
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What is SEO Elite?

SEO Elite is a software package for search engine optimization, to help website owners optimize web pages for keywords and search indexing. It also has other features for comp (MORE)

What is power elite?

The power elite means whatever group is in power and the smallest  percentage of the top. It is a majority rule by the top few.
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