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Are games on safe for my computer?

  The is a yes and a no.   If you buy it at a store and your computer meets the requirements then yes.   If you download it, there could be a risk of a virus or spyw (MORE)

Do computer games slow down computer?

Games do not slow down your computer. If so, you can speed up your computer and games by: -- cleaning system junk -- optimizing computer services -- optimizing internet (MORE)

Can you get viruses from playing computer game?

yes, you can. This is why it is urged to research the games publisher(if you don't already trust the publisher) before you download/play the game. Many come with an executable (MORE)

Are computer games were bad for computers?

Interesting question...Unless you beat your computer with a stick after playing a PC game which was too slow and your computer kept on freezing up a couple of times. Computer (MORE)

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What is a gameing computer?

A Gaming Computer, is a computer designed specifically to excel at playing 3D games at the best possible resolutions. They can vary in cost, but generally speaking, you will n (MORE)

What is bad about playing games on the computer?

Well, for you people who are in school, or college or have a job, these games can cause problems to your brain and you can't focus on important stuff. But if you don't go to s (MORE)

Do Xbox 360 games work on an Xbox 360 elite?

yes any Xbox plays Xbox games The previous answer (above) is not necessarily true. Yes, Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360 Elite. However, the original Xbox does not play Xbox 36 (MORE)