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Is Eliza Dushku Jewish?

  No. Raised Mormon. Heard her say in an interview with the Jewish King of all Media--Howard Stern.

Where is eliza dushku from?

Eliza Dushku is Albanian but she was raised in America.   She was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1980 and raised in that state.
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Why is Eliza Lucas Pinckney important?

  She spearheaded the successful cultivation of indigo in South Carolina.   She was mother of 2 sons who had great significance in American history. Charles C. Pinckney (MORE)
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Is eliza short for Elizabeth?

ELIZA Gender: Feminine Usage: English, Polish Pronounced: i-LIE-zə (English), e-LEE-zah (Polish) [key]Short form of ELIZABETH. It was borne by the character Eliza Doolittle i (MORE)

What is ELIZA in artificial intelligence?

Eliza comes under the category of Chat-bots in AI. It's a simulation of an AI Rogerian psychotherapist. It was one of the first Chat-bots that truly demonstrated how much AI (MORE)