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What was the appearance of Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth had dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, pale skin, and reddish gold hair. To view paintings of her likeness, see the external link further down this page.
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Who is Elizabeth Short?

Elizabeth Short (aka 'The Black Dahlia') was an aspiring actress famed for her pale skin, jet-black hair and preference of dark lace clothing and flower accessories (hence the (MORE)

Who was Elizabeth Bathory?

Elizabeth Bathory was known as the Countess of Blood, she was called this because of the murdering of 600 or more young girls. Every day she would receive new young girls and (MORE)

How is Elizabeth II related to Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I would be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Both Elizabeths are descentants of Henry VII.  Elizabeth I was the granddaughter of Henry VII through her f (MORE)

What was Elizabeth I known for?

Elizabeth I (also known as: Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess, etc.), was known for many things. First off, she was the first Queen in British history to rule the ki (MORE)

Who was Elizabeth of York?

    Elizabeth of York was the daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. She married Henry VII and was the mother of Henry VIII. She was born on February 11, (MORE)

Who did Elizabeth I have executed?

The Execution of MaryUnfortunately, there were times in Queen Elizabeth's reign when she was forced to take a strong pro-Protestant position. With the establishment of the Chu (MORE)

Who Queen Elizabeth?

    There were two Queen Elizabeths, one is alive and is the Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, etc and the other is dead and was the Queen of E (MORE)

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