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What was the relationship between Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour?

i saw a movie yesterday in TCM that made me to ponder and believe that perhaps that relationship had flourished for a while when the young Beth or bess was in her tender age, (MORE)

When was Somerset County founded?

There are four Somerset Counties in different states across the US. According to the NACo, the year in which each Somerset County was founded is listed as follows:   * So (MORE)
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What happens finally to the duchess in the my last duchess poem?

  It's never directly told, but most assume the Duke killed her to "preserve her forever" in the painting, so she wouldn't look at any other man.
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What is a duchess?

A duchess is a lady who holds that title in her own right or as a wife of a duke. a duchess is married to a duke.   they are the equivalent to a Marquise in french history (MORE)

Who was Jane Seymour?

Answer   Jane Seymour was the third wife of King Henry VIII of England.   She was born around 1509, the daughter of Sir John Seymour and his wife Margaret Wentworth.  (MORE)
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Is Europe duchess?

No. A duchess is a title in nobility, the wife of a duke. A duchess must be a female person. Europe is a continent.
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