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Does Whoopi Goldberg believe in god?

Personal Whoopi Quote: "My family is Jewish, Buddhist, Baptist and Catholic. I don't believe in man-made religions." I don't really personally think so. Here are some 2 fun f (MORE)

Where is WWE superstar Goldberg?

I have heard that he is wrestling in Japan and that he may have fought in the UFC.        actually there is a new show coming on fox8 at sometime in January 2009 i thi (MORE)

When is Goldberg coming back to the WWE?

He won't come back because he got a new job which is becoming a movie star     he wont be because he was treat unfairly although he was one of the best ever wrestlers   (MORE)

Did goldberg die?

No, the wrestler Bill Goldberg did not die, as of July 2014. He was  also an actor and former professional football player.

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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