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Perimeter of ellipse?

There are several approximations, but easiest (I think) is shown  below:    P=pi{3(a+b) - square root of: [(3a+b)(a+3b)]}    Where a=major axis (long diameter) (MORE)

Is an ellipse a function?

No. A function is a "graph" the survives the "vertical line test". Namely, it is for every x in its domain, there can be one and only one f(x) in its co-domain. An ellipse cle (MORE)
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How do you do an ellipse graph?

As you may or may not be aware, there are multiple co-ordinate systems by which a graph may be defined. An ellipse graph has the general equation in the following systems: C (MORE)

Which shape is ellipse?

Oval like an egg.     hey how did u create that question please tell me ^ that is so not the answer -.- An ellipse is an oval with a line going down the middle and a l (MORE)

Is the moon's orbit an ellipse?

Yes, the moon's orbit is elliptical. It has some eccentricity to it  (e = 0.0549). The measure of eccentricity is done to give  astronomers an idea of how "out of round" a b (MORE)
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What is ellipsity?

ellipsity is the name of a NYC tech startup, combining the  grammatical ellipsis (meaning the omission of superfluous words)  with the common english suffix -ity (the qualit (MORE)