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What is the plural form of the word ellipsis?

I believe it is already in plural form, as well as it's regular form. For example, you don't say gooses, but you say "goose." I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say ellipsises. EDIT (MORE)

What is an ellipsis?

A punctuation mark. Example [...] In writing, an ellipsis is a  series of three periods (dots) that indicate an omission. They look  like this:   ... or . . .    (MORE)

What is the definition of 'ellipsis'?

A three-dot symbol used to show an incomplete statement. Ellipses are used in on-screen menus to convey that there is more to come. ... AND Three equally spaced points use (MORE)

Is there such a thing as ellipsis marks?

Ellipsis points, yes. They are the three dots (or four, at the end of a sentence) used to indicate an omission from a quoted passage, like this: . We shall go on to the end (MORE)

What is an ellipsi?

An ellipsis is the omission from speech or writing of a word or  words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual  clues. It can also refer to the punctua (MORE)