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What is an elliptical galaxy?

Elliptical galaxies may vary in shape form but are spherical or flattened disk-shaped galaxies (large groups of stars). See related link for a pictorial.
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What does elliptical mean?

\nElliptical is used to describe an orbit or round shape that isn't perfectly circular - it's an ellipse, or oval.
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What is an elliptical orbit?

An elliptical orbit is a not exactly circle but like an oval or sphere shaped orbit which means going round in a sphere or an oval shape.
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What is an the elliptical orbit?

One planet orbiting a sun, might have a perfectly circular orbit. However, many planets orbiting a sun, in a galaxy, in a universe, influence and distort each others orbits. A (MORE)
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What has elliptical orbits?

As an elliptical orbit is any orbit that isn't perfectly circular, everything has an elliptical orbit. The planets Mercury and Pluto have the most elliptical orbits of the (MORE)
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What can elliptical do for you?

Elliptical trainers are a great way of giving your whole body an excellent low impact workout. Not only can you work on most major muscle groups within your body, but they als (MORE)
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What is an elliptical adverb?

An elliptical adverb clause is one that omits words that may beunderstood. For example, in the sentence "he is more knowledgeablethan I" the pronoun I is used because the full (MORE)
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What does an elliptical machine do?

An elliptical machine serves as almost a mixture of a bike and treadmill. It works out your legs, arms, and your.butt, for lack of a more appropriate word.
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What is sole elliptical?

A sole elliptical is a treadmill that combines upper and lower body workouts. they invole having two large handle bars up top and two stepper plates on the bottom that simulat (MORE)