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What does eloquent mean?

A person who is eloquent is well-spoken or has a good command of language and exercises it. Who wants to speak really clear and loud.
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What is eloquence?

Eloquence ( noun ) is fluent and effective use of language. . She is well educated and speaks with eloquence. . An eloquent ( adjective ) person is someone who is fluent a (MORE)

What is the gift of eloquence?

  The ability to talk fluently, readily and easily. Its what you get when you kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland. I have.
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What does eloquence mean?

Eloquence is a clarity and fluidity of speech. The language used is  apt, powerful, persuasive and moving. The delivery can be either  spoken or written, but the end result (MORE)

A sentence with eloquent?

He made the most eloquent speech since Herman Talmadge, governor of Georgia, as he locked people out of the state capital so he could continue to hold the office.
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What is eloquated?

The term is a risingly popular American English term that is a past tense meaning to "State something in a profound or charismatic manner". Word useage : Brilliantly Eloquat (MORE)

How do you spell eloquently?

That is the correct spelling of "eloquently" (spoken well, or in a grand manner).
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