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Was Priscilla Presley in Elvis Presleys will?

NO she certainly was not in his will, he dispised so many things she did to him that there was no way he would leave her anything. Don't know where you got your informatio (MORE)

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When did Elvis Presley have his first number 1 hit?

According to Billboard, Elvis Presley nationally achieved his first number one single on April 21, 1956 with the song "Heartbreak Hotel."
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Who was in Elvis Presley will?

Lisa Marie Presley   It was also stated in the will that his father would be taken care  of and any Presley living there at his death could live at  Graceland as long as (MORE)

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Who was Elvis Presley?

He was known as the king of rock and roll because he invented the style of music. Well, I'm not sure I'd use the word "Invented" here. Elvis Presley was a famous and very pop (MORE)

Who is Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley was and still is considered the 'King of Rock n Roll'. He was also an American actor and singer. elvis presley is a a guy who played did rock and roll , played s (MORE)

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