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What does eman mean?

The word Eman is an Arabic word. It mean faith, belief. In Islamic context it means belief in Allah. It also means your name backwards.For example,if your name is Calvin ,y ( Full Answer )
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What does emanating mean?

It means to emit or to give off, like a light bulb emanates light. Or a more sophisticated sentence: "She seems to emanate an air of serenity."
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Who is Diet Eman?

Diet Eman was a young woman during the Nazi invasion of Holland during WWII. She, along with many other members of the Resistance including her fiance, worked to hid Jewish pe ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for emanate?

To emanate is to come from something. An example sentence would be:They were shocked by the way the light would emanate from theobject.
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What does emanate mean?

v. 1) Proceed or issue forth, as from a source example: Water emanates from this hole in the ground. 2) Give out (breath or and odor) example: The chimney emanate ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for emanations?

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Where does law emanate from?

Law exists in many forms around the world. In the Western world we have two common roots of law. Common Law and Napoleonic. Common Law traces its roots to the dark ages of Eng ( Full Answer )
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What was the emanation proclamation?

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued 1 January 1863. It was a Presidential Proclamation freeing slaves in those southern states then at war with the Union. It was more of ( Full Answer )
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How old is Mike Eman?

Michiel "Mike" Eman, prime minister of Aruba, is 55 years old (birthdate September 1, 1961).
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What is data emanation?

Emanation is simply something that is emitted or radiated. Data emanation is simply the emission of data via either wired or wireless means. It does not just deal with wireles ( Full Answer )