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What do you have to do to get emancipated?

Answer . \nIt depends on your state. In most states, you need to go through a procedure with the courts and have a judge approve it. In a few states you don't need to go to (MORE)

How do you get emancipated?

First of all you must live an a state that allows emancipation. If you do, then you must apply according to the state laws. Most allow a 16 year old to apply, but they must (MORE)

What is emancipated?

Answer . \nDepending on what state you live in, the age for this below varies.\n. \nYou must be married, or \nYou must be in the U.S. armed forces, or \nYou must be livin (MORE)

How can you get emancipation?

You can get an emancipation by getting married or legally separating yourself from your parents. You can go to courts and get married if your over 16 with parental consent, an (MORE)