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What is the meaning for Embalming?

The meaning or purpose of embalming is to preserve, disinfect and sanitize a body for a viewing or visitation by family and friends. It is to prevent the body from natural dec (MORE)

When did embalming start?

In 1846, Dr. Ellerslie Wallace, a demonstrator in anatomy at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, developed a zinc chloride-based compound for the preservation of dead f (MORE)

If you are embalmed do you decay?

  Yes, but not nearly as quickly as if you weren't embalmed. And some embalming works better than others and can really prolong the condition of the body in a good state. (MORE)

How are the dead embalmed today?

The way that the dead are embalmed today is vastly different from  how the dead were handled in ancient times. Now, the bodies are  drained of blood and chemicals such as fo (MORE)

What happens in an embalming?

    Embalming Answer       A Funeral Director (Embalmer) will normally make a 3 inch incision near the Clavicle. A hooked instrument will then be inserte (MORE)

What did embalmers do?

Embalmers were mostly found in ancient Egypt. They specialized in  preserving the bodies of the dead pharaohs and great leaders of  Egypt. It is because of their skill in em (MORE)