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What is a preferred embodiment?

Answer . \nA "preferred embodiment" is how the author of a patent application describes and enables the "best mode" for implementation of (or "carrying out") an invention, (MORE)

What is embodiement of social values?

In an effort for people to get along with others, the embodiment of  social issues is an option. This would include main issues such as  aesthetics, modesty, and creativity. (MORE)

Embodiment in a sentence?

To be the embodiment, you must accurately represent, or take on all the properties of the thing you want to embody. The team was the embodiment of professionalism as they wai (MORE)

What did the Nazi party embody?

War, racism and death expansion #1 the Nazi party espoused a strong nationalism for the German people and the "Aryan" race, many of whom felt disenfranchised following WW1. (MORE)

What color embodies French culture?

Blue is the color which embodies French culture. Specifically, blue is one of the colors in the French flag. Additionally, it is the color of the French national soccer te (MORE)

What things are embodied?

People usually embody traits, characteristics, values or even ideas. A work, such as a book or art work, can embody a particular feeling. Gerald's landscape watercolor art em (MORE)