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What is a preferred embodiment?

Answer . \nA "preferred embodiment" is how the author of a patent application describes and enables the "best mode" for implementation of (or "carrying out") an invention, (MORE)

Embodiment in a sentence?

To be the embodiment, you must accurately represent, or take on all the properties of the thing you want to embody. The team was the embodiment of professionalism as they wai (MORE)

What things are embodied?

People usually embody traits, characteristics, values or even ideas. A work, such as a book or art work, can embody a particular feeling. Gerald's landscape watercolor art em (MORE)

What Shakespeare play has the embodiment of revenge?

Titus Andronicus. In order to torment her enemy Titus, the Empress Tamora dresses up as the embodiment of revenge while her sons Chiron and Demetrius portray murder and rapine (MORE)