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Why is man an embodied spirit?

Because a man is not only made of a physical body. The body  together with the spirit makes a man. The body may feel the pain,  pleasure and other sensations and the spirit (MORE)

What is a preferred embodiment?

  Answer     A "preferred embodiment" is how the author of a patent application describes and enables the "best mode" for implementation of (or "carrying out") a (MORE)

What are the key principles embodied in the constitution?

1. Rule of Law- no one above law, government and society can be regulated by law, imposes limits on government actions, requires that citizens wronged by others have an opport (MORE)

What is multiple embodiment?

Using a variety of different methods to reinforce understanding. So, in early maths, you can use an abacus, along with plastic blocks and cards to show children how to add an (MORE)

What is the philosophy embodied in the 'Declaration of Independence'?

 Answer   That all people are neturally equal and therefor neturally entitled to the same fundamental rights. Because people are imperfect they require government to (MORE)

How do you use embodies in a sentence?

The life of Mother Theresa embodies all that is good about the human spirit. That massive tax hike embodies all that wrong with local government.
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Does the tenth amendment embody the system of federalism?

TRUE A+ Lab    Yes and No. The 10th amendment of the constitution states that  "The powers not delegated to the United States by the  Constitution, nor prohibited by (MORE)
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What are quotes that embody the surf lifestyle?

Some good quotes about surfing include: "Out of water, I am nothing" (Duke Kahanamoku), "Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind" (Laird Hamil (MORE)