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What is a preferred embodiment?

Answer . \nA "preferred embodiment" is how the author of a patent application describes and enables the "best mode" for implementation of (or "carrying out") an invention, (MORE)

What is multiple embodiment?

Using a variety of different methods to reinforce understanding. So, in early maths, you can use an abacus, along with plastic blocks and cards to show children how to add an (MORE)

Embodiment in a sentence?

To be the embodiment, you must accurately represent, or take on all the properties of the thing you want to embody. . The team was the embodiment of professionalism as they (MORE)

What is embodiments of apophis's passsword?

well it all starts when you get a married than if you have kids or not. Well it you do than you can ask online at and look in the upper left corner and then (MORE)

What are some issues that the play embodies?

The purpose of drama , the role of the writer , and the uses of communication are some of the issues that the play embodies as a form of literature and a vehicle of expres (MORE)

What is rama the embodiment of?

Rama is the embodiment of love, valour, kindness and dharma. Rama practised monogamy and demonstrated that a man can love a single woman and can live in celibacy even without (MORE)

What things are embodied?

People usually embody traits, characteristics, values or even ideas. A work, such as a book or art work, can embody a particular feeling. Gerald's landscape watercolor art e (MORE)