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What is Embolism?

Embolism is the obstruction of an artery typically by a clot of  blood or an air bubble.
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What is embolization?

Embolization. Material injected into the vessel blocks blood flow which helps control blood loss during or reduces the size of inoperable growths. A serious side effect, strok (MORE)

What is an embolism?

From our cousin, Wikipedia:    "In medicine, an embolism (plural embolisms) (Greek εμβολισμός) occurs when an object (the embolus, plural emboli) (Greek έμ (MORE)

What is an arterial embolism?

An embolus is a blood clot, bit of tissue or tumor, gas bubble, or other foreign body that circulates in the blood stream until it becomes stuck in a blood vessel. In arterial (MORE)

What is a cardiac embolism?

A cardiac embolism is when there is an obstruction of a cardiac vessel. The obstruction can be made up of several different things including fatty plaque or blood clots. Embo (MORE)