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What is an emergency fund?

Emergency funds are commonly used in families who have a budget.The fund is a set amount of money that is put in savings, in casean emergency occurs and money is needed.
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What is in the emergent?

emergents The individual trees, or clumps of trees, that stand prominently higher than the top of the continuous canopy of many lowland tropical rain forests.
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What to do in an emergency?

Depending on the emergency you will either give advanced life support, evacuate the area, tend to people in need, shut off your gas supply to your house, stay away from power ( Full Answer )
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How can an emergency bill be denied as not an emergency?

It is up to the judgment of the individual or group making the final decision. Not all things that some individuals consider emergencies are actually GENUINE emergencies.
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Why is the word emerge in emergency?

Emergency means an unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate action. Emerge means to come into view or to become apparent. The word emergency has the word emerge embedded in i ( Full Answer )
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What is a emerging disease?

The emerging infectious disease "EID" is an infectious diseasewhose incidence has increased in the past 35 years and couldincrease in the near future. An emerging infections a ( Full Answer )

How did aids emerged?

Most of the scientific community believes that humans became infected with the HIV via contact with a species of primates (ex. chimpanzees, monkeys) that carry their own versi ( Full Answer )
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What is an emerge?

Emerge- to reveal or to come out of something else; to break away or seperate
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Should you say emerge from or emerge of?

You would used "EMERGE FROM". Here is the reason why. Look at these words and see which are right or wrong. I rose of the chair. I rose from the chair. Right Kayla had ( Full Answer )