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What does the name Bronte mean?

  The Brontë family of Haworth parsonage were Irish immigrants and their father had a Gaelic name. He adopted his grandmother's name "Prointigh" as the surname required b (MORE)

What are the names of the Bronte family?

The names of the Bronte family were: Emily Bronte (wrote Wuthering Heights) - she was the middle chile, Charlotte Bronte - oldest (wrote Jane Ayre etc) and Anne (youngest- wro (MORE)

Were the bronte sisters married?

Charlotte Bronte was the only one of the three sisters to marry. She and her unborn child died less than a year after she married, in 1855. She was 38 years old. Both Anne a (MORE)

What does the expression 'the living answer' mean 'We had a curate who made the living answer by teaching the little Lintons and Earnshaws' quoted from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte?

    'A Living Answer' is a very beautiful phrase that is often used by the writers who rejoice in literary aestheticism. For example a person wants to know why God (MORE)

What did the Bronte sisters do?

All three sisters were employed at various times as teachers and governesses. In 1842, Charlotte and Emily went to Brussels to improve their French, but had to return home ear (MORE)

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