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Who is Eminem?

Eminem is one of the most successful rappers in the world. Hegained popularity mostly for his first three albums. 2 have gonediamond and sold over 10000000 copies. His album (MORE)
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What is Eminem?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better knownby his stage name Eminem styled " EMIN�M ", another of hisaliases is Slim Shady. He is a huge, greatl (MORE)
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Where is Eminem from?

Marshall Bruce Mathers the 3rd aka Eminem Was born In Kansas City,Mo. He moved to Detroit, when he was 4, then moved back to Kansas. Then back to Detroit when he was 12. But h (MORE)
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Why is eminem called eminem?

When he started out, his name was M&M, because of his name; hisinitials are M.M. Mars Inc. (the makers of m&ms) threatened totake legal action if he did not change his name. S (MORE)
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Why is eminems name Eminem?

His real name is Marshall Mathers. Take his initials, M and M, and pronounce it fast. Eminem.
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Who is Eminem girlfriend who is Eminem girlfriend?

well Eminem girlfriend was Ashley Simpson No, it was Ashley Greene. I don't know much details about her or the relationship, like when it was... He was briefly married 3 ti (MORE)
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Why do you call Eminem Eminem?

Eminem is called Eminem because his name is Marshall Mathers and his initials are M.M and it sounds like Eminem.
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Who you Eminem?

Eminem is a wonderful wishful rapper. He has 2 kids. He has over 500 songs that all became hits. He has been awarded best rapper many times. He has divorced one wife and has a (MORE)
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Where is he from Eminem?

eminem was originally from saint joseph but he represents detroit which is were he has lived for most of his life
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What was eminem?

An MC basically a rapper he was in the band D12 and they're amazing! He is also a RAP GOD