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Why should eminent domain be stopped?

It shouldn't be stopped because eminent domain is sometimes necessary to prevent greedy, selfish or bigotted people from sabotaging the public good.   What is necessary is (MORE)

What is power of eminent domain?

Eminent domain, commonly also referred to as condemnation, is the power of a government entity to claim land which is needed for a public purpose, but only after following due (MORE)

What supreme court case amended the use of eminent domain?

  The big one recently was Kelo v. City of New London. The 5th amendment to the US Constitiution says the government shall not take private property except for public use (MORE)

What is power of eminent domain in the Philippines?

Eminent domain or expropriation is the inherent right of the state to condemn private property to public use upon payment of just compensation. A number of circumstances must (MORE)

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