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Where is eminent domain mentioned in the constitution?

The power of the government to enact eminent domain and take private property from citizens is derived from the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution which states: "No person s (MORE)

Eminence in a sentence?

Eminence is defined as recognized superiority. A sentence would be,Brad Pitt, as one of the leading actors of this decade, isrecognized for his eminence in film.

What does eminence?

1.high station, rank, or repute: philosophers of eminence. 2.a high place or part; a hill or elevation; height.3.( initial capital letter ) Roman Catholic Church . a title o (MORE)

What does eminating mean?

When a person writes or says the word eminating It means that they are referring to the elevating or praising, uplifting of a person, an event or an item. A sentence such as ' (MORE)

Is eminent an adjective?

Yes, it is (eminent scientist, eminent domain). The word eminentmeans famous, well known, successful. Eminent domain retains the original meaning of "superior" by giving loca (MORE)