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Does the effect of Emissary of the Afterlife activate if it is detached from an XYZ monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No. XYZ Material is no longer considered to be 'on the field'. When Emissary of the Afterlife is detached, it goes to the graveyard, but was not sent there 'from the field' me (MORE)

How to get toon link in subspace emissary?

  Go to the forest (AKA the stage were Link and Yoshi first appear) and shortly in the beginning of the stage, right after the first area with a group of pyrims, there wil (MORE)

How do you clear the subspace emissary 100?

Make sure all the levels that have a flag on them are replaced with crowns. If a level is still flagged, that means you missed something. Probably a door or a trophy or someth (MORE)
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How do you sic a parrot on a guild emissary in sims 3 medieval?

You can buy a parrot from the village shop. Or you can buy a bird perch in one of the decor categories and buy a parrot from that, too. Once you have the parrot then you get a (MORE)

What is the definition of 'emissary'?

  an emissary is someone who is sent with an official message or to do some especial job, often secretly...
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Can you use bottomless trap hole during the battle phase if your opponent activates call of the haunted or gorz the emissary?

You can't use Bottomless Trap Hole in the Damage Step of the Battle Phase (the period of play that starts when the defending monster is flipped, to the time monsters destroyed (MORE)