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What are emission levels?

Emission levels means the amount of something that is being emitted. For example, we want to lower the emission levels of factory pollution that is going into the air.
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What is a transient emission?

Transient emissions are" unwanted high voltage generated during ON and OFF the Electronic or Mechanical switches".this will cause some unwanted function in the system.

What are carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions are amounts of carbon emitted from doing things like burning coal or wood. carbon emissions are also made by burning fossil fuel that are made from dead anima (MORE)
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What is a GHG emission?

Green House Gas emission. All of the cars and buses = 30%, the production of Beef ALONE = 30%, the remaining 40 % is referring to CITY CHIMNEY SOOT!
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What are emissions?

To emit means to send out, or let out. Emission means letting out of something, mostly in the air, anything from body gas to carbon. Any factory that manufactures and prod (MORE)

What is an emission test?

An emissions test is a measure of the exaust gasses being produced buy your vehicle Each vehicle has a set of emission figures and the test is to make sure the vehicle is wi (MORE)
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What is the solution to emissions?

Emissions from factories can be reduced by installing 'green' devices to reduce the amount of soot, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The Government can also promote (MORE)

Is emission an adjective?

No, emission is a noun; a common, singular, concrete noun. Emission sometimes appears in the adjective position, for example 'an emission standard' or 'an emission control." (MORE)
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What is 200KQ7W emission?

200KQ7W is the emission bandwidth of GSM 900/1800 network. 200K - 200KHz bandwidth Q - The carrier is angle-modulated during the period of the pulse 7 - Two or more channels c (MORE)