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What is emissivity?

  Emissivity - relates to the amount of abillity of a material to emit heat.       It is a measure of a material's ability to radiate absorbed energy
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What is photo emissivity?

Emissivity of a surface is defined as its effectiveness in emittingthermal radiation. The term photo emissivity is likely used tonarrow the focus to emitting visible light.
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What are emissions?

To emit means to send out, or let out. Emission means letting out of something, mostly in the air, anything from body gas to carbon. Any factory that manufactures and prod (MORE)
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What are optical emissions?

I'm not positive but optical means it has to do with light and emissions are like something being discharged into the air so it sounds like it means light being discharged or (MORE)

What is gas emission?

Emission means leaking out, escaping, sending out etc, The word emission then is used to refer to gas that appears after a chemical process, like burning oil or coal. Carbon d (MORE)