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Who is Frank A Clark?

  From an article on   Clark, Frank   By TOM LONGDEN • Register Staff Writer   'Parson' Clark inspired legions of fait (MORE)

What is the value of a chichester half penny?

You are asking about a British "Condor token" with a value of a Half-Penny. I am aware of at least two different such coins referencing Chichester, both dated 1794 (one with Q (MORE)

Are The Clark Brothers related to The Clark Sisters?

  Yes they are - It is Dr Mattie Moss Clark's grandsons, Denise Clark's sons (former member of the Clark Sisters) and Dorinda, Karen Jacky and Twinkie's nephews. Kierra an (MORE)

Who is Emma Watson into?

Probably her boyfriend of the past 10-11 months, Will Adamowicz. Before that, Johnny Simmons (May to August 2011), unknown people at Brown (until she left in December 2010), G (MORE)

Who is Emma on glee?

Jayma Mays. She's from Paul Blart: Mall Cop (and she's also the girl who played Charlie in Heroes as Hiro Nakamura's love interest...)
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Who is Emma Bombeck?

An Australian lady who died because of cancer. She is famous for her ideas about the life perspective that people should have, she expressed those feelings right after she fou (MORE)

Who is Emma in Hetalia?

Emma is stated to be a name which Himaruya liked for Belgium, though it is not Belgium's official human name, many fans refer to Belgium as Emma
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