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What is emotion?

Much discussion revolves around a clear definition of "emotion" and "feelings". Research by Robert Plutchik has greatly clarified it, but most would agree that any emotion mus (MORE)

Why do we have emotions?

Components of emotions Emotions have two components. They are; 1. Feeling of Emotions 2. Facial expression of emotions. Feeling of an emotion is due to isometric (MORE)

What is an emotion?

An emotion is what you feel, sometimes after doing or thinking something, or after someone tells you something. For example, after having someone tell you that a friend or fam (MORE)

Can you have no emotions?

No you can't, we were all born with emotions. Theirishone: I think everyone is born with emotions but some people don't know how to use there emotions. An example of this i (MORE)

Why are you emotional?

You are emotional because that's how the brain works. Also you have hormones in you that bring up certain emotions. If you are going through puberty you will usually be more e (MORE)

How do you be not emotional?

Everyone has been blessed with emotion's. They are given to us for a reason, though there are some who are able to control their emotions more than others. Emotions are shown (MORE)

What is emotics?

Are you looking for emoticons? Those are when the writer expresses their feelings through graphics. i.e. :) :( :\

What do emotions do?

Our emotions show us how we feel about a particular situation. If your sad you might cry. If your happy you will smile and laugh.

How do you not have emotions?

some ppl. are thought to supressed their see this mostly in newly recruite in the army or navy. Children who do not seem to have emotions may have a parent who w (MORE)