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How do you make an animated gif?

  To make an animated gif, you first need a series of frames. Frames are individual still images. You'll need to make several of these in which each frame is slightly di (MORE)

How are GIFs made?

A gif or Graphics Interchange Format file can be made with any of a great number of image manipulation programs. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel thus allowing a si (MORE)

Do EMP grenades exist in real life?

No, however you can have a machine to emit an electro magnetic pulse, but you can't use that technology in a grenade sized device
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Can you direct an emp?

sadly not when a emp is released, usually with a large explosion,  it goes in all directions instead of a straight line
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What is a sequential GIF?

I think its an animation of your drawing in order of which one you made first.
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Can Borg be destroyed with EMP?

Hypothetically speaking of course, because their ships and bodies are shielded with some sort of highly energetic field then most likely the effects of an EMP would be negated (MORE)

Will an EMP ruin batteries?

No and it won't damage electromechanical or vacuum tube based  equipment.   What it will ruin it solidstate electronics.   So an old car with points and a distributer (MORE)

How do you add a GIF image to a blog?

You can add a gif file to a blogger platform just like any other  image. All you have to do is posting an image or whole post with  the gif there. Tumbrl and deviantart are (MORE)