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What is empathy?

The ability to understand and to be understanding of another person's emotions and situations. Its the ability, essentially, to relate to another's emotions.
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How do you get empathy?

You get empathy from your mind by thinking how to solve or stop releasing problems and turn them into happiness

What is dispositional empathy?

There is a distinction made in empathy. Empathy may be viewed as a relatively stable disposition (dispositional empathy), but also as a transient affective reaction elicited i (MORE)

What is a empathy question?

say i were to ask you a question OK. "do you need help?" when your struggling to lift multiple heavy items. that is an example of an empathy question. this is when you ask a p (MORE)

What is a social empathy?

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone elses shoes.example one of my friend forgot lunch and I offered part of my lunch because I knew I would want her to offer me (MORE)

What is empathy-?

Empathy is the ability to carve up or be familiar with emotions  knowledge by an additional attentive or fantastic organism. One may  require to contain a definite amount of (MORE)