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What is empirical?

The word 'empirical' means 'based only on observation or experiment.' So 'empirical evidence' is evidence that is based on observation. Answer And an 'empirical question' i (MORE)

What is empire?

A conquered land of many people and places governed by one rule. Empire is a large group, states or countries. The group is underone supreme authority.

What does an empire do?

An empire isn't a person or job its a royal kingdom...such as the Aztec empire i think the word your thinking of is emperor nd they rule the empire....

Who had the empire?

The Empire State building was completed in l93l. the stated height is l,350 ft in the manned portions ( with communications antennae of course higher. I have no idea who owns (MORE)

How did the british empire expand there empire?

The British had THE BEST Navy, at the time, and as such were able to move quickly, to other countries, and take them without hesitation, as they came in fleets, carrying hundr (MORE)

Who are empires?

Your question can be asking for two answers. If you mean what are empires, well, they are a group of territories ruled by one central government and law. If you mean who are (MORE)

Was the Persian Empire a powerful empire?

The Persian empire was not only the most powerful, but the most advanced. No empire, including the greek, could truly defeat it. With out Persian technology modern civilizatio (MORE)
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What is an empirical?

Empirical is not a thing (noun); It is an adjective, and it meanssomething that you can verify through experience or observation,rather than just being theoretical. So, empir (MORE)