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What is contiguous empire?

It means the empire's land is adjacent to one another, meaning they are connected and not separated by water or another empire's territory. In some major empires like the Pers (MORE)

What is empirical probability?

Empirical and experimental probability are the same thing. They are the outcome of an experiment.
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A What is empirical rule?

  For data sets having a normal, bell-shaped distribution, the following properties apply:   About 68% of all values fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean  (MORE)

What empires did the roman empire split into?

The Roman Empire was never split. Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire hare terms which have been coined by historians. The Romans did not use these terms. There wer (MORE)

Why was the british empire an empire to be proud of?

The simple answer is the legacy it left the world. The more complex - but still overall simplistic - answer is below... So why was the empire one to be proud of? In many resp (MORE)

What was the benevolent empire?

  The "Benevolent Empire" was a conglomerate effort of various American Protestant denominations with the aim of developing missionary organizations to christianize Americ (MORE)

How does an empire grow?

An empire grows by claiming more land around it. This is generally  accomplished by conquering the neighboring countries, city-states,  or regions, and making them part of t (MORE)
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Was the Russian empire a colonial empire?

No, their Empire was based on expansion into eastern Europe and Asia. There were no official colonies nor any territories that were once part of the Russian Empire that consid (MORE)

How did he byzantine empire from?

The so-called "Byzantine Empire" was a  continuation of the Roman Empire. The term Byzantine was coined by  a German historian in the 16th century in relation to the history (MORE)