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What is empirical?

The word 'empirical' means 'based only on observation or experiment.' So 'empirical evidence' is evidence that is based on observation. Answer And an 'empirical question' i ( Full Answer )
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What is empire?

A conquered land of many people and places governed by one rule. Empire is a large group, states or countries. The group is underone supreme authority.
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When did their empire from and to?

Their empire developed as a result of their advanced technological progress and that is where it came from. Where it came to, was a huge globally-spanning hegemony.
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What is am empire?

In empire is a Empire that is connected with a Colonial Empire so that's what an empire is.
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What does an empire do?

An empire isn't a person or job its a royal kingdom...such as the Aztec empire i think the word your thinking of is emperor nd they rule the empire....
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Who had the empire?

The Empire State building was completed in l93l. the stated height is l,350 ft in the manned portions ( with communications antennae of course higher. I have no idea who owns ( Full Answer )
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How did the Byzantine empire become an empire?

'Byzantine empire' is a word used to describe the eastern portion of the Roman Empire that existed until the fall of it's capital Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. ( Full Answer )
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Who are empires?

Your question can be asking for two answers. If you mean what are empires, well, they are a group of territories ruled by one central government and law. If you mean who are ( Full Answer )
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Why did the british empire want a empire?

They didn't. They just sort of acquired it as history ticked on and they became ever richer, began to dominate trade and beat their enemies.
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What is an empirical?

Empirical is not a thing (noun); It is an adjective, and it meanssomething that you can verify through experience or observation,rather than just being theoretical. So, empir ( Full Answer )