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Who employs paleontologists?

    Paleontologists are employed in universities, museums, government geological surveys and the petroleum industry. Most teach at colleges or universities. Some work (MORE)

What is employing interdependence?

Empoying interdependence is basically your ability to ask other people for help. If you are good at employing interdependence, then that means you are good at asking people fo (MORE)

How do you get self employed?

  You think up a business idea: some product or service that people might want to pay for and that you can deliver. And then you find people (through advertising, personal (MORE)

Employ in a sentence?

"I employed you to kill her, not marry her!" "If I employ you will you work hard" On average, 50% of ex criminals are employed again. (i made up the figure)
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Helpful Swimming Tips for Dogs

Swimming, for dogs, is a natural ability, and most dogs are ready to jump right in the pool with the rest of the family and dog paddle around the pool easily. Some dogs may ha (MORE)

Who employs a geologist?

Geologists are employed by state and national governments, in  institutions of higher education, by oil and gas companies, and by  mining companies.
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Who employs archaeologists?

usually it is colleges and university's but sometimes there are government jobs and sometimes even archaeology companies that employ them that are affiliated with the governme (MORE)

Can you file bankruptcy if you are self employed?

Of course. Filing for bankruptcy, put simply, is showing the court that your debts and financial obligations substantially exceed your income. The fact that you are self emplo (MORE)