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If you are self employed how do you employ someone?

You should get a employer identification number (EIN) to do this correctly. Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for EIN Employer ID Numbers (EINs) . An Empl (MORE)

What is employing entity?

An employ entity or employment entity is a person, corporation,partnership or a group that hires out work to an individual, groupor company for the purposes of completing task (MORE)

Can a bipolar be employed?

Absolutely. Many people with Bipolar qualify for Disability, but choose to work anyway. I'm one of them. Make sure you find a job that is flexible (in case you have frequent (MORE)

What is the definition of the employ?

1. To make use of. "The sergeant employed some colourful language when dressing down the private." 2. To hire. "Our company has employed 35 new people in the last quarter."

Is employ supreme an employing agent?

employ supreme : We are a European company and we operate in Europe . We do not have local offices in your country. We also do not charge money for our service at no point (MORE)