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Difference between empowerment and delegation?

Delegation is assigning a task to an individual to complete. Normally with delegation instructions and expectations on the completion of the task is either communicated or und (MORE)
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What is interpersonal empowerment?

Interpersonal empowerment is about experiences with others that facilitate problem resolution. Empowerment is the idea that people, groups, and communities can take upon thems (MORE)

What is Principal Empowerment?

refers to the policy of empowering all school heads with instructional, administrative and management authority, accountability and responsibility over-all personnel, physical (MORE)

What is women empowerment?

Having decision-making power of their own   * Having access to information and resources for taking proper  decision   * Having a range of options from which you can (MORE)
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What is meant by employee empowerment?

Employee empowerment concept refers to enlargement of an employee's job responsibility by giving him the authority of decision without approval of his immediate supervisor. Ch (MORE)

What are the Nature of Empowerment?

There are many interpretations of empowerment but I believe it is a term to refer to ones self and the interactions of daily life in how you relate to others and to situations (MORE)

What are the importance of youth empowerment?

Youth empowerment enlightens to bring out the best in youth as well it act as a propeller to enable the dreams and vision imbedded within the youth to be made manifest. In con (MORE)

What is the relationship between delegation and empowerment?

There is a relationship between delegation and empowerment.  Delegation gives somebody a leadership position but has them follow  specific guidelines. On the hand, empowerme (MORE)