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What is an emulsifier?

[eh-MUHL-suh-fi-er] Generally, any ingredient used to bind together normally substances, such as oil and water. From: htt (MORE)

What are emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers are substances that can mix other substances together that won't normally mix, for example you would use egg yolk to mix oil and water together. They do this by ha (MORE)

What is emulsified?

The mixing of two liquids that ordinarily would not blend. example: Oil and Vinegar. The result is known as an emulsion. Typical emulsifications involve the blending of oil an (MORE)

What is emulsified asphalt?

Asphalt must be liquified before it can be pumped through pipes, mixed with stone aggregates, or sprayed through nozzles. Heating is one way to liquify asphalt for constructio (MORE)
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What is emulsifier 472e?

Emulsifier 472e is known as diacetyltartaric and fatty acid estersof glycerol. It is used for completing the mixing process in manyprepared foods.
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What is emulsifier?

In biology, an emulsifier is essentially a detergent. It helps tomake dislike things co-exist in solution. For instance, yourdigestive fluids contain emulsifiers so that fats (MORE)

What does emulsifier do?

An emulsifier allows for miscibility between two substances that do not normally mix together. An example of this is the lecithin in egg yolk, which is used to allow the oil a (MORE)

Is Emulsifier halal?

Answering whether emulsifiers are Halal can be tricky. Generally, emulsifiers are a general class of chemicals/additives that are used by food and pharmaceutical manufacture (MORE)