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Is pancreatic lipase an emulsifier?

No, pancreatic lipase is not an emulsifier, but an enzyme that digests lipids. To have an optimal digestion, it needs a colipase (also pancreatic) + previous emulsification of (MORE)

What are emulsifiers in cosmetics?

Emulsifiers are used in creams and lotions to mix water with oils. Since water and oil do not mix they only separated. There are 2 types of emulsifiers. Oil-in-water emulsifie (MORE)

What is the difference between emulsifier and surfactant?

Emulsifiers are a class of surfactants, which come in many different forms. Surfactants are any materials that interact with surfaces, thus the term surfactant, or surface act (MORE)

What is Emulsifying Agent?

An emulsifying agent is a substance that helps an emulsion become more stable. An emulsion is usually a mixture of two products such as oil and water that do not mix together (MORE)

Why emulsifiers are added to some foods?

It is added in some foods because it improves the taste, look and the food lasts longer. Emulsifiers also have an impact on the structure and texture of many foods. They also (MORE)

Is egg white an emulsifier?

Yes...... emulsify means to combine two liquids that normally don't mix.... for example oil and water, oil ..........if you try mixing them together they will soon separate.. (MORE)

What are emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers are substances that can mix other substances together that won't normally mix, for example you would use egg yolk to mix oil and water together. They do this by ha (MORE)
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Why is egg yolk a good emulsifier?

Egg yolk is a good emulsifier because of the protein and fat content found in the egg. Other good emulsifiers are milk, mustard, and honey. These work best with an oil and wat (MORE)
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What is emulsifier?

In biology, an emulsifier is essentially a detergent. It helps to  make dislike things co-exist in solution. For instance, your  digestive fluids contain emulsifiers so that (MORE)