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What is the purpose of an emulsion?

To mix things that wouldn't otherwise mix -- such as an insoluble solid in a liquid, or two liquid that do not mix (like oil and water). The purpose depends on what you want i (MORE)
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What is an emulsion?

An emulsion is a mixture of two or more unblendable liquids. Milk is an example of one of these. Emulsion is the dispersion of one liquid into another and they arenot soluble. (MORE)
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What are emulsions?

A polar and a nonpolar substance being made miscible together by another substance that has both polar and nonpolar characteristics.
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How do get emulsion out of carpets?

If it is just a very small amount of emulsion on the surface of the carpet, mix a tbsp of white vingegar in water and rub into the stain: with patience this should rub out the (MORE)
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How does emulsion occur?

the dispersed phase will get dispersed into the continuous phase and will blend. this usually happens because of a special use that would come out the end product that is need (MORE)
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Is paint an emulsion?

my name is Cierra I am currently working on emulsions. this is why paint is an emulsion: Emulsions are a mixture of two substances that do not mix. One of the substances (MORE)
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What is a emulsions?

Q.what is emulsion? ans) If a mixture two partially miscible or immiscible liquids is shaken, a coarse dispersion of one liquid in the other is obtained which is called emulsi (MORE)
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What is the phase of emulsions?

phase of emulsion is two or more immiscible contain two phases,dispersal phase and dispersal medium
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Who invented emulsion?

No one invented emulsion; it's a naturally occurring physical process. Maybe you wanted to know who first made a particular type of emulsion, or for a particular task?
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Is mayonnaise a emulsions?

Yes, lecithin in the egg yolk is the emulsifier that emulsifies oil and vinegar/lemon juice to make a mayonnaise emulsion.