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Will there be an enchanted 2?

Possibly, Anne Flecter is thinking about doing another movie for Enchanted 2, maybe for 2012... but they are still not sure if the original actors and actresses will be able t (MORE)

What is the feminine of enchanter?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The noun 'enchanter' is a common gender noun , aword for a person (MORE)

Who is Jamila Enchanted?

Jamila Enchanted is this girl from the JVC Music group. She along with her sister, Chelsey and Victoria are musicians and singers in this group and they are my favourite. I ho (MORE)

What do you do in Enchanted Mode in Enchanted DS?

After you beat Narissa, as a dragon, at the end of Load Game, it turns into Enchanted mode. Use the stylus or the (A) button to say yes, I want to play Enchanted mode. 1.Y (MORE)

How do you enchant in RuneScape?

If you have the required magic level, runes, and jewelry, you can enchant anything from sapphire rings to onyx amulets. To enchant, open up the magic spellbook. Select the enc (MORE)
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How do you enchant a weapon?

In Skyrim: To enchant you need: . A soul gem (doesn't matter if it's filled or not) . Any weapon (of course) . An already enchanted item (if you don't know any enchantmen (MORE)

How do you have a enchantment in AQWorlds?

It's enhancements, not enchantments. Buy the enhancement scrolls at different places. Go to Battleon and click the lower button that says Enhancements, then it will show diffe (MORE)
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What is the noun for enchanted?

The noun forms for the verb enchanted are: . enchanter, the person or thing who enchants . enchanted, the person who had been enchanted . enchantment, the state of being (MORE)