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How do you get an enchanters stone in dragonfable?

In Dragesvard you must ask to train the Dragonslayer's armor (talk to Galanoth), you will then go through a quest with the enchanters stone as the reward IF you get the requir (MORE)

What do you do with enchanted books in minecraft?

Enchanted books can be used to give any item or block an enchantment OF YOUR CHOICE. However, the book must be enchanted using an enchantment table first, so the system is sti (MORE)

What does enchante cherie mean?

Delighted darling.   When being introduced to someone, enchante means 'pleased to meet you' but this would not normally be followed by 'darling.
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What is the feminine of enchanter?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses  gender specific nouns for male or female.    The noun 'enchanter' is a common gender noun, a  word (MORE)

How do you enchant a chest in Minecraft?

Chests in Minecraft can not be enchanted through normal means. The Ender Chest was released in update 1.3. This chest can store a regular chest worth of inventory, which can (MORE)

What is the enchantment with Aggie on runescape?

you go to the purple like caravan with cow of wich are made of bones one of theam are sneseing you should see a wich go up to the wich and talk and thean you should know wat t (MORE)