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What are encoders?

    Encoders turn readable information into a different format for example a CD track into an MP3. A decoder undoes this encoding to make the file readable, for exampl (MORE)

What is the purpose of encoding?

I read that in dvds; encoding was used to create different formats for different regions. For the sole purpose of being able to carge more money in regions were people could a (MORE)

What are the advantages of encoding?

Encoding is done to reduce the number of bit to be transmitted and save bandwidth . suppose you have 10 line and your line no 4 is active and other are low than transmit this (MORE)

What is Binary Encoder?

A binary encoder is a person who creates a code used to program  computers at the most basic level. Claude Shanna developed binary  encoding in the 1930s.

What does an encoder do?

  An encoder is something that converts information from one format, or code to another. There are a huge variety of encoders because there are a huge variety of kinds o (MORE)
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What is nonverbal encoding?

Nonverbal encoding refers to the process of encoding communication  that does not involve words, but still communicates a message.

What is an encoder answer?

An encoder is a digital circuit which accepts one of the inputs and converts it into BCD or Binary Coded Output. It performs the reverse function of that of a decoder.
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What is XML Encoded?

XML encoding allows you to place arbitrary text within an XML node; this is required when the content itself uses characters that XML has reserved for its language specificati (MORE)

What is to encode?

Some of the messages, especially during war, are written or transmitted in code words. To encode means to find out the formula to understand those messages. To find out the me (MORE)

What is encoding technique?

There are four possible combinations of encoding techniques -Digital data, digital signal -Digital data, analog signal -Analog data, digital signal -Analog data, ana (MORE)