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What is encryption?

Encoding of data to prevent unauthorized access to data or to be more descriptive: Encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text into non-readable form or c (MORE)

How do you encrypt?

Well what I always do is encrypt verticaly.For example:   Unencrypted sentence: I hate school   Encrypted sentence:    I hstn skhlok   s lafe ncyohl = I hat (MORE)

How does encryption work?

Encryption uses a algorithm to apply and series of symbols and numbers to sensitive data like a password or private data. There are varying levels of encryption form low level (MORE)

What is encrypt and decrypt?

A crypt is a code. Encrypt means encode and decrypt means decode. In regards to your computer or internet usage, cryptography happens in the background. Information is encoded (MORE)
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How its is important of encryption?

File encryption is the most prevalent form of data security and it  is hihgly essential if you are looking for data security. Try some  nice security software like Data Prot (MORE)
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Why do you need encryption?

You use encryption to protect your personal data (photos, passwords, important documents etc.). Whatever you consider others should not see.
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What is the encryption process?

It is the process of scrambling your data that is in plain text  into cipher text or encrypted language so that it is not readable  by any third party.
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