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What is encryption?

Encoding of data to prevent unauthorized access to data or to be more descriptive: Encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text into non-readable form o (MORE)
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What does encryption mean?

Encryption is a fancy way of saying secret code. So you might take a document detailing a military operation. You woudnt just send it in normal writing incase the enemy happen (MORE)
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What does encrypted mean?

To alter (a file, for example) using a secret code so as to be unintelligible to unauthorized parties.
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How do you encrypt?

Well what I always do is encrypt verticaly.For example: Unencrypted sentence: I hate school Encrypted sentence: I hstn skhlok s lafe ncyohl = I hate school. Thats probably n (MORE)
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How do you encrypt a drive that does not support encryption?

You can encrypt the files/folders with password if the drivedoesn't support encryption. Since drives with encryption featureare costly, you can use software to encrypt the fil (MORE)
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What is the advantage of encryption?

Encryption is used when we have to make sure that our data is secure and can not be understood by any third person. Advantage of encryption is that data security is maintained (MORE)
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What is conventional encryption?

Conventional encryption ciphers rely on a single key for both encryption and decryption. Modern protocols will use a private key for encryption and a different public key for (MORE)
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Why GSM has to be Encrypted?

encyption prevents unauthorized access to the data that is transferred, that is the speech, or sms and so on
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What is reversible encryption?

It is when a environment is set so that passwords can potentially be viewed by administrators... theoretically so that users can have passwords retrieved, etc. However, this e (MORE)