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What is data encryption?

Data encryption is the act of changing electronic information into  an unreadable state by using algorithms or ciphers. Originally,  data encryption was used for passing gov (MORE)

What is conventional encryption?

Conventional encryption ciphers rely on a single key for both encryption and decryption. Modern protocols will use a private key for encryption and a different public key for (MORE)

What is conclusion of encryption?

The result of encryption of plaintext is cyphertext. When cyphertext is translated back to plaintext, the process is called decryption.
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What is encryption of data?

putting a password on a file, or coding the data so to anyone able to open it is unable to read it unless they decode it. usually decoding is very hard and almost impossible f (MORE)

What is encryption and how does it work?

  Encryption is a way of making data unreadable to someone who is not supposed to be seeing that data. For example, if I wanted to send you the data "ABC", but I didn't wa (MORE)

What is to encrypt a message?

Encrypting a message is a process whereby you make the message unreadable by anyone other than the intended recipient. There are many email clients which support encryption. (MORE)

What is reversible encryption?

It is when a environment is set so that passwords can potentially be viewed by administrators... theoretically so that users can have passwords retrieved, etc. However, this e (MORE)

What is assymmetric encryption?

Asymmetric Encryption is a form of Encryption where keys come in pairs. What one key encrypts, only the other can decrypt. Frequently (but not necessarily), the keys are int (MORE)